Article Swap Part 3, Sign-Up!


This round will be for the first week of April, specifically the first friday of the month, April 2. Going back to the basics on this one… this is the idea…

The sign-ups will run until the middle of March.

Here’s how it would work– you comment at the end of this, saying you wish to participate. Once there are a number of people willing, , I will take all the names and put them into a hat (yes a real hat, sorry Yankee fans it’s a Red Sox hat), or two hats as we will be pairing up/ trading here.

As an example, say I pick my name out of one hat and Danny Fisher’s name out of another hat, that is a pair. From there, each author/ writer will think of a topic for the other to write about. Than once the articles are done, they will be traded and posted as guest articles on one another’s blog. Make sense?

Who’s in??


  1. Hmmm, do ya think anyone would want to swap with me after last time? I guess I’d have to promise not to take their post and make it dirty. hehe

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