Article Swap Pt. 3?!?

I was thinking of getting something going for the beginning of April. Hoping to revert back to the format of the first article swap, where a partner is picked and than that partner chooses the topic you would write for their blog. Who’s down for it this time? Would love to hear some new voices!!

Will announce in another post for sign-ups, just trying to gauge the interest on this round….


  1. not sure how i missed this post, nate, but i’m in for the next swap. i agree, once a quarter is plenty.

  2. Count me in. April works great I think. Maybe an April Fool’s day post? Also, Earth Day is April 22nd. I was thinking about posting something asking all of the Bloggers to post something Dharma related to Earth Day.

  3. My two cents is we wait until April. If we want to make this a regular thing, perhaps once per quarter is frequent enough? We had one in January, and April begins the second quarter. March is too soon for me, so many things to do and so little time.

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