Back from vacation…

…and what an amazing time it was. I am working on an article outlining the whole trip, hopefully will be up in a day or two.

Seems there was quite a bit of action with the “article swap”. Has everyone received their topics yet? If so, have any articles been posted yet?

I did receive my guest writers article and it’s great, can’t wait to post it. Still waiting for my topic though, hint hint. I was kind of hoping that everyone would have the articles done by the end of November, probably should have specified something like that. Anyway… let’s gauge where we’re all at so we can move this along and see what comes of this little experiment… glad you are all involved!!!


  1. I posted this on the pairing announcement post… it’s easier to cut and paste than re-type, hehe…

    Hey everyone… seems most people have gotten in touch with one another, if not please get in contact with your pair, whether it be your guest or the person you are to write for.

    From the get go I didn’t want to express any “rules” but people have been asking for a “deadline”. I think it’d be fair to have the article to your pair by December 1st latest. If everyone has their articles by then, we could all post them on that date. I know my guest has already sent theirs and it’s great, I also hate to sit on it for that long but it’d be awesome to have these all drop on the same day.

    Once they’ve all been posted, e-mail me the links and I will post a “master” links post here, which maybe we could all in turn post as well.

    If for some reason you don’t know how to contact the person you are paired with, I would visit their blog and e-mail them from that, most have contact pages on their blogs.

  2. hint hint… :) I like Adam’s idea of all posting on the same day (with links t0 either this blog or to all blogs involved so people can click around). How about next Friday? As we all observe national buy-nothing day :) we’ll have plenty of time to toss ’em up and read.

    I spoke with Danny about my post at his blog and he’s given me carte blanche regarding topics; I’ll do the same for you. If a suggestion helps, perhaps something like reflecting on a time when your practice really kicked in in daily life or some part of Buddhism you wish you knew more about…

  3. I have not received any communication from either of the two bloggers I’ve been paired with. I left my e-mail on the pairings post. Am I not going about this properly?

  4. I think most have recieved their topics, and we were just waiting to see when we should all post the articles. Should we post them all on the same day or week?

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