Article Swap, Pairing Announced Here!

Pairing is done….

Alrighty, thanks to Marnie’s stroke of genius, I was able to get everyone paired up so we can get this rolling. The idea now is to check out the blog of the person we will be writing for, just get a general idea how they write, what they write about, etc. Check out who will be writing for you, come up with something based on what you think they could write about and assign a topic. The post doesn’t have to be huge or some sort of thesis, maybe a minimum of 4-5 paragraphs so there is at least some content in the post.

I hope everyone has fun with this and I look forward to writing my article. If everyone can leave an e-mail address in this post it might make it easier for us all to contact one another for sending the articles to be posted. Thank so much everyone for wanting to give this a whirl, if it’s a success we’ll have to try it again!

Nate @ Precious Metal writing for Justin @ American Buddhist

Adam @ Dharma Brewing writing for Marnie @ Enlightenment Ward

Jon @ Be Compassion writing for ? @ C4Chaos

Danny @ Rev. Danny Fisher writing for Richard @ My Buddha Is Pink

Justin @ American Buddhist writing for Danny @ Rev. Danny Fisher

Marcus @ Marcus Journal writing for Jack @ Zen Dirt Zen Dust

Dwan @ Budding Buddhist writing for Genju @ 108 Zen Books

Genju @ 108 Zen Books writing for Nate @ Precious Metal

Marnie @ Enlightenment Ward writing for Dwan @ Budding Buddhist

Jack @ Zen Dirt Zen Dust writing for Rohan @ 21 Awake

? @ C4Chaos writing for Linda-Sama @ Linda’s Yoga

Rohan @ 21 Awake writing for Adam @ Dharma Brewing

Linda-Sama @ Linda’s Yoga writing for Shane @ Zenfant

Shane @ Zenfant writing for Marcus @ Marcus Journal

Richard @ My Buddha Is Pink writing for Jon @ Be Compassion



Hey everyone… seems most people have gotten in touch with one another, if not please get in contact with your pair, whether it be your guest or the person you are to write for.

From the get go I didn’t want to express any “rules” but people have been asking for a “deadline”. I think it’d be fair to have the article to your pair by December 1st latest. If everyone has their articles by then, we could all post them on that date. I know my guest has already sent theirs and it’s great, I also hate to sit on it for that long but it’d be awesome to have these all drop on the same day.

Once they’ve all been posted, e-mail me the links and I will post a “master” links post here, which maybe we could all in turn post as well.

Sorry I haven’t responded earlier, got back from vacation at 9pm on Tuesday and went immediately to work the next day and haven’t had much time since. Anyway… really looking forward to the next step here and that’s posting all these articles up. If for some reason you don’t know how to contact the person you are paired with, I would visit their blog and e-mail them from that, most have contact pages on their blogs.


  1. Thanks for the support, Nate. I’m happy you like the article. I’ve got a pix to send but haven’t cropped it yet. Will do first chance I get – before Dec 1st! :-)

  2. Hi,

    So, everyone posts on the same day – December the 1st. That’s a great idea. Nice one.

    I’ve just this morning sent my article to John at Zen Dirt, and photo too, and love how all this is coming together. Thank you.

    All the very best to everyone,


  3. Sounds like fun here.

    Would those who consider them Selfs to be Zen Christians be welcomed here? I have not read any of your stuff, but it sure looks inviting.

    Michael J

  4. Argh, sorry y’all – had personal family stuff happen. I’m here – NellaLou – I’ll email you posthaste – *hopefully* by tonight. Genju – my email is dwan (at) digitalpark (dot) com.

  5. Hi all
    Fo some reason my last reply didn’t take here.
    I’ve emailed most of you the HTML of the author-blog list nate put up. If you want to add the topics you can do it in that text.

    If anyone was missed you can email me or go to my blog. The page of the list is buddhoblogger article swap with – for now – password ‘preciousmetal’. Select, right click, view source, copy, paste into your blog post as html.

  6. Thank you NellaLou.

    I’ve now been set a topic by John, and have set a topic for Zenfant. And I used your idea for deciding on it. Thank you.

    But, you know, I still think that a list of the topics set would be really great. We could add it to the existing list.


    Marcus @ Marcus Journal writing for Jack @ Zen Dirt Zen Dust about xyz

    Then we can see at a glance all the topics this great idea has generated and the topic line can link directly to the blog post itself (once up).

    Marcus _/\_

  7. John, I’ve been trying to use Nate’s list from this but the hyper-links won’t copy. Maybe we can just point to this post? Unless someone knows how to cut/paste so that the hyper-links are intact….


  8. Ok, so it would also be a great idea is that everyone that is participating to put up a post linking to all of the “quest-posts”. That way everybody gets a little more exposure and we can see how this grand experiment turns out.



  9. Nate gave me my topic before he left. Good thing he’s on vacation until Wednesday (I hope he meant NEXT Wednesday!) because it’s going to take me the weekend to do this!

    Dwan, I left a suggestion for a topic via a reply to your very first post on your blog. I figured you would have to approve it and so would read it. You can email me at if you like.


  10. @Marcus
    Adam has done a fine job discussing spiritual tourism and commercialism as a topic for my blog. He’s finished already! Amazing! I asked him to take a look at the tag topics I use and see if anything jumped out at him. You might want to try something like that.

    When you are back from vacation can you put up some kind of timeline such as a publication date. I am assuming they will all go up around the same time. Should we also put a little tag such as [guest post] or something in the title?

    @Dwan of Buddhing Buddhist
    If you wish to contact me I am at nellalouise [at] gmail [dot] com Ready and willing to write for your interesting blog.

  11. Have any topics been set yet (I’m struggling with this!) – perhaps, as topics are set, we can leave a note here or on another thread saying what they are? That would interesting and, for me, very useful.

  12. Ooops, sorry – only just seen that we’re up and running!

    My email: marcusjournal108 – at – googlemail – dot – com

    Okay, now to go look at the Zenfant blog!

  13. “but my life is powered by a dry and irreverent sense of humor, peppered with profanity…that’s just fair warning for my posts.”

    LOL — love that! sounds like me and my yoga blog!

    give me some time to do this…will go back and read the “rules”…..

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