Still trying to find the middle

I have been reading lots of blogs lately. In some way I think they are more interesting than what I post some days. I have read the “No Impact Man” blog for sometime. Well, I read his book recently. He mentioned this online book on minimalism. I have been in the past few months working towards that.

I downloaded the book three times to different thumb drives and also uploaded it to Google documents. Is it really working or am I just fooling myself?

About 2 years ago I had a major flood at my house due to a faulty water heater. It was a forced cleansing as it were. We lost alot of stuff that we had meant to get rid of, but was never able to get around to it. But when tons of water goes flooding from one side of the room to the other you have to make it a priority. In theory I am going to read the book and leave a copy saved in my google documents, but think so many copies is overkill at best.

Guess I need to use my wife’s Garmin to try and find the elusive middle road at least for me.

One Comment

  1. Hey, aren’t we all trying to find the middle? I’ve been desperately trying to simplify my life but in the process it gets more and more complex. Maybe the best path is to accept the movement as it comes. As with the flood of your house, things get swept aside when needed.

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