Hitting A Wall Lately

Sorry for the lack of updates, have some things in the works though. Have been hitting a major wall lately. Not really stuck in a funk, just feel like there’s not enough time to do anything.

Been working a ton so my family can go on vacation next month. We just got our passports in the mail and soon it’s off to the Bahamas. We’ll be headed to Atlantis on Paradise Island for two days than to Exuma for the last seven days of the trip. I have been working alot of overtime lately to make sure the kids have alot of fun. Right now I am on day nine without a day off. Not complaining, I did it to myself, but feeling it I tell you. My practice is lacking because of it too, I really need to kick it back into gear, I can tell I haven’t been practicing as often.

Anyway, just wanted to type up something real quick to fill you all in, got some book reviews and movie reviews slated and still working on a follow up article on the Eightfold Path, this time on Right Intention.

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