Political Correctness, Tell It Like It Is?

…at least that’s what His Holiness is saying.

The Dalai Lama was recently in the Czech capital at a conference on Human Rights issues in Asia. He was asked what he thought of political correctness.

With a look not often found on His Holiness’ face, puzzled, he asked “what do you mean?” This threw the audience into laughter, but His Holiness still looked puzzled and repeated fervently “what do you mean?”

After having the words explained to him, His Holiness than gave a wise and profound answer, “I don’t know… I openly express – if someone’s short, I express it as short. If someone’s very tall, I say very tall… Of course, if you create embarrassment, you can’t be saying this. But otherwise, black is black, white is white, yellow is yellow. And that’s it.”

What are your thoughts on political correctness? Is it something we should all engage in? Should we use it a smidge when we feel our words might be hurtful? Or, should we just tell it like it is, as we see it?

Personally I think there is a time and place for it. But disguising the truth just to not offend someone, when the truth is necessary, can be hurtful in itself. I’d rather tell it like is than candy coat something just so someone doesn’t feel embarrassed. If it’s the truth, noone should be embarrassed right?


  1. The phrase, ‘politically correct’ is used to shame people who are considerate of other’s feelings. If I don’t use racial slurs am i being ‘politically correct’? You bet yer ass i am and I intend to always be so.

  2. I think this goes back to right intention, as well as right speech. I’m not politically correct at all, but if I think my words would be hurtful or something then I’m more likely to think them over before saying something. I’m suprised no one asked HHDL this yet.

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