Teaching with Lama Migmar 9/28/09

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have been invited to a teaching/ empowerment at Kind Yoga School. The teaching was led by Lama Migmar Tseten and the empowerment was the Green Tara Initiation. I came away from the teaching renewed and with a new base for practice. The teaching was held at the Kind Yoga School, inside of the Cape Codder Resort in Hyannis. I got there by the skin of my teeth. Earlier in the day my brother Andre had come by to help me replace the brake pads in my van (thanks again Andre). It was a success, kind of. The new pads got in, I went to the store to put new brake fluid in on the way to the teaching. On my way the brakes decided they really didn’t want to work so well. I figured they just need to be pumped a few more times, and they seemed ok. I got to the Cape Codder in just enough time. The teaching was running a couple minutes behind, and they were still setting stuff up. People were still trickling in, so I wasn’t cutting it as short as I thought. I set up my cushions in the front, as close as I could (geekin’ out at the experience to come of course). Things got underway shortly after, with many people in the audience by now. Lama Migmar’s English is perfectly understandable, some Tibetans have a very thick accent still and it can sometimes be a bit difficult to listen to. His teaching was profound, and the explanations for visualizing different aspects of the meditation were very clear. I was very excited to learn that after the ceremony for taking refuge, we would be given dharma names. Yes, I know, non-attachment and all that jazz, but it was still a bit exciting and I think having been named it will give me another point/ reminder in my practice. I was named Kunga Tashi, not completely clear on the meaning but I did hear Lama say something about it being auspicious. During this ceremony it was also the first time I had some of my hair cut off. I normally shave my head, which I had done about a week ago so not much hair had grown back since. He chuckled and made a joke that I was all ready for him, I had come prepared. I thought it was funny too, being as short as it was he had a time trying to grasp onto a bit to cut, hehe. Anyone who has sat in on an empowerment knows, you are given many instructions. We were given meditation instruction and a mantra to help in our practice. I am confident that this new direction will give me a stronger base and will help propel my practice into something more. All in all it was a profound experience, something I will always keep with me. I am thankful, and grateful that I have met, Diane Kovanda of Kind Yoga who put this event together. Thank you Diane and thank you Lama Migmar for travelling to the Cape to give us all this teaching. ps. The brakes are still shot, was not a fun ride home!


  1. In response to Nate’s comments…Yes, a Dharma name is always given to people who take Refuge with a Tibetan Buddhist teacher. I have been a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism myself for many years. The links I gave are reliable ones to investigate for further information and resources.

    Kind regards,


  2. Nate: As far as I can tell, you’re right on the money. Dharma names, as far as I can tell, can also be way of taking refuge in one of the Three Jewels (Dharma, Buddha, Sangha). This one, of course, being a sangha.

    Speaking of which, I’m going to my first Buddhist meditation group tomarrow. Wish me luck!

  3. I could be wrong here, more than likely I am, but I believe a dharma name is given to one who formally takes refuge with a teacher. It is a way to deepen the practice of the student. Like I said I could be wrong though, maybe someone will come along and explain it fully for you and I.

    ps. Looking into the answer right now…

  4. Aim for a guard rail or semi if you need to stop. No problem.

    Why was he giving dharma names? What is the purpose?

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