Putting off small jobs can make the final outcome worse. I have never liked yard work, but its something I need to do to make my house look proper. Sometimes I slack and then weeks go by and I have to work so much harder to take me back to square one.

My neighbors lost their house due to some creative financing. Their lawn was over grown and started to encroach on mine.  Lots of other people were complaining how bad it looked and all the trash that had piled up. Well the city came by and cleaned up the property and removed tons of debris.

I decided to add their lawn to my routine. Now I work about two hours a week and set up simple projects that I have listed. I take small bites of those other projects and it doesn’t seem bigger than I can handle. 

Kind of like this blog. I have put so much effort into writing a great post. I tend to put it off thinking I might bore people who read this blog. And than weeks go by and then I feel like a jerk posting because I haven’t been here in so long. I am going to try to start posting a little each week. And hope it helps someone out there as I do my battles with my issues. I am turning 40 next Friday and hope to have my post done by then, Take care of yourself.


  1. Push mower? Puh leeze! I only use a weed eater.

    Of course I don’t really have a lawn either. It’s more like two teeny tiny small patches of grass.

  2. Because I know I’ll forget by then: Happy Birthday!

    I put off lawn work too. When I get around to doing it though I feel a better sense of accomplishment because I have done more than I expected to. Then I tell myself “I won’t wait this long before I do it again” but I do anyways.

  3. I do the same thing guys, but my procrastination with the lawn stems from the fact it is way to big. It’s nearly 3/4 to a full acre of grass and we used to have a ride o for it, which only took about 30-45 minutes. Well it broke and now takes almost 2 hours to do it manually with a push mower. Other than that I am king procrastinate, note that my name, Nate, is part of procrastinate. lol

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