Dosa Jhana

Was checking out some websites and found a link to this amazing metal band, Dosa Jhana. They’ve only been together a few years but they sound like they’ve been together forever with the synchronization of the band. They are, as you may have assumed, a Buddhist metal band. Here’s a brief bio I was able to find for them..

Dosa Jhana was founded in 2006 when the founding members were feeling that religion should not be confined to certain musical styles and that music should not be automatically linked to certain forms of religion.

Dosa Jhana started searching for new ways to present their own views on religion, which could best be described as a modern day form of Buddhism, to their own musical preference: Metal.

To better cope with the stresses of everyday life, Dosa Jhana seeks to find inner peace through musical expression, bringing positive energy to those around them, without losing the balls to rock.

Hopefully I can get a hold of them, would love to do a piece with them for PM, cross your fingers!


  1. Yo dudes!

    I am one of the guys in Dosa jhana and we recently did a live show opening for Cynic! We recorded everything (sound and video) and here are the youtube links:


  2. One hand with fingers crossed, the other with the horns! Great band, glad you found them. Hopefully they’ll get well known, they have an very original sound.

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