Meditation is “fun”?

After tonight’s sit I came to the conclusion that, for me, meditation is becoming fun.

Like any other meditator, it is a constant battle with the mind. Even after nearly four years of meditation practice, my brain is still thinking, there is no calm. That’s where the fun comes into it for me though. The mind (at least my mind) doesn’t want to be calm, it wants to think, to go over plans, to go over things that happened during the day, etc.

The fun part is realizing this during the session and becoming aware of the constant battle going on.

1, I am breathing in, 2, I am breathing out… man that was crazy at work today, I was up on that pole and had my ladder fully extended, nearly 30′ in the air… no….

3, I am breathing in, 4, I am breathing out, I can’t wait till the end of the summer to bring the kids to Canobie Lake Park… no…

5, I am breathing in, 6, I am breathing out… I see what you are doing here… no…

7, I am breathing in, 8, I am breathing out… one day we won’t be having this conversation… no…

9, I am breathing in, 10 I am breathing out… what fun will we have then?

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