I had the great pleasure to attend a talk by Chas Dicapua, from the Insight Meditation Society, here on the Cape last night. The teaching included a 40 minute meditation session and a little over an hour chat on the 4 noble truths. About a week ago my father mentioned that the event was happening and we decided to check it out together.

While I did come away with alot of “insight” from the teaching I have to say it was the fact I was there with my father that I was really affected. It was pretty cool to be enjoying the teaching together, and than being able to talk about how it impacted us on the way home.

It was something I never thought I would do with my father, growing up we were two WAY different people. I was a rather difficult child so it didn’t help our “father, son” relationship you know? After all these years it’s cool to know he and I are on the same path, and can share the things we learn and teach each other based on our experiences. I woke up this morning not only feeling refreshed from the teachings but really, truly proud to have the father that I do.

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