Special Request: Alex’s “Big Sit”

Alex, my 5 year old son, has recently been very inquisitive about why I sit and meditate. After explaining enough to him that he could understand, he asked me if he could try, A MAJOR step for a child who can barely sit still for .0015 seconds.

Anyway, I have been teaching him to count his breaths and feel he might be getting lost. He can count, can count quite high so that’s not the issue, but I feel like maybe a guided meditation for kids might help him stay focused. I realize he isn’t going to sit still for more than a couple minutes at a time, but…

So my request is this… if you are a teacher, mentor, monk, bikkhu, etc could you direct me toward a website that has something like the guided meditation for kids? Or better yet, would someone be willing to take a couple minutes out of their day, record a guided meditation and send it to me as an mp3? If not, maybe help with a bit of instruction so I can help him out?

He is very interested in keeping up with this, to be honest he helps me remember to sit each day which is helping my practice out quite a bit as well. Any help would be appreciated!

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