The frontline is everywhere

Regardless of my love for heavy metal, I am a HUGE fan of Rage Against The Machine. I’ve been listening to them since the first album came out in the very early 90’s. So it comes as no surprise to myself that I have been listening to them alot lately. While listening to one particular song, “No Shelter”, two lines stuck out…

“There’ll be no shelter here!
The frontline is everywhere.”

The reason why they stuck out to me is it’s how I’ve felt lately with my “practice”. I’ve fallen off a bit on the cushion practice… but I have felt a bit more engaged off the cushion lately. While the awareness of my actions is not always in focus, the peripherals definitely pick it up.

So the lyrics came at a time where I felt like I needed to hit the cushion more, but also realized “the frontline is everywhere”. Meaning, I can turn down the radio while driving, maybe pull over for a few minutes and just breathe and be there for that moment. To stop.

Yes, I understand the idea of meditation and spending time on the cushion but that is not a luxury I can afford sometimes. And I definitely need something that is as close to meditation as possible, consistently.

Maybe my analogies with battles and war is a bit much, but it feels that way sometimes, yet not in a negative manner. I think it helps to bring a new level of mindfulness to my day, I can see the frontline and  draw on my compassionate compadres inside to overcome the war each day has ahead of me.

ps. I realize this was not RATM’s idea when they wrote the song. More on the band later on in a new post…

One Comment

  1. I think we’re in much the same boat, you and I. Three kids and a really tight budget leave me scrambling sometimes. It has been hard to find time for a regular meditative practice. So, I too, have become more engaged off the cushion. Taking a page from Thich Nhat Hanh’s book I’ve tried to stay present in whatever I’m doing – whether it’s washing dishes or dealing with cranky children or even clients who are remiss in paying their invoices….And also, I do try to take a moment and stop and breathe more. As Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo points out in Reflections on a Mountain Lake – there is always the breath – you can return to it at any time….

    Best wishes…..

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