Tibetan exiles present play on alleged Chinese atrocities

From ANI

Tibetans living-in-exile presented a play here on alleged Chinese atrocities to mark 50 years of Chinese rule in Tibet.

Through street performance, Tibetans portrayed the alleged atrocities being inflicted by Chinese troops in Lhasa, the capital of the roof the world.

“This is just to show the world that how Chinese are brutally torturing Tibetans in Tibet, still people are dying. Many people are lost. We don’t know yet where they are?,” said Sonam, a Tibetan activist.

“Tibetans are living like a hell inside Tibet. The Chinese Government has been brutally torturing Tibetans. Cultural genocide is happening,” said Tenzin Tsondu, another Tibetan activist.

Meanwhile, Tibetan exiles staged a candlelight protest to mark the fifty years of Chinese oppression on their homeland.

Tibetans, including, Buddhist monks and nuns, holding banners and flags, took part in the vigil and expressed solidarity with people who they say are victims of atrocities by the Chinese authorities in the Tibet.

The Tibetan exiles mark March 28 with protests and demonstration, as they believe since that day in 1959 they have suffered unimaginable religious, cultural and political repression at the hand of the Chinese authorities.

However, China marks March 28 as its inaugural Serfs’ Emancipation Day, marking the date in 1959 when Chinese troops took direct control of the government in Lhasa after being rushed there to quell an uprising.

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