Maybe I have changed

nullSo several years ago, I was looking for Hotwheels like a madman. I would go to different stores and was always on the hunt for these cars. I envied anyone who found them. It was pretty bad. Lots of them I would sell on ebay and some I would keep. But I was mainly after it for the wrong reason.

Yes believe it or not. Their are adults who pursue these types of things. You can usually see them at Targets or Walmarts first thing in the morning when the doors open. Hoping to find that next one to add to the collection.

The cars are called Treasure Hunts. They are placed sporadically in boxes and than shipped out to the stores. Some have been sold on Ebay for several hundred dollars. Well I used to be really into them. I still go by that section just to see the new cars that come out.

Well yesterday I was looking at the section and found a Treasure hunt. I carried it around the store for some time. My wife said we needed a new Bath Rug so she was looking for a good deal on one. I had this Hotwheel with me for a few minutes then I started to think about it. What was I trying to do? Make money off of it and maybe take it away from some child that would rip the wheels of it and really enjoy it instead of encasing it in plastic and hanging it one the wall?

My wife asked me if I was going to buy it, I said I wasn’t sure. She said you can make money off it and I was still really lax about it. So we were going by the religious candle section. The store is in a very ethnic mixed area and there was this peg right next to the Virgin Mary candle. Empty. I placed the Hotwheel on the peg and my wife gave me one of those looks which I seem to be really used to. She said that she didn’t understand. I just figured how hard it was to find a Hotwheel with all the competition you have to have faith. Bad pun I know but that’s what happened.


  1. Very nice. I love where you left it.

    I learned a few years ago that toys are for playing not collecting. There is more fun to be had ripping it out of the package and letting the imagination run free than putting it on the shelf and dusting it.

  2. I use to work at Wal-Mart and remember the guys who would come in when the doors opened. Some would run to the toy department, others were pulling boxes off of pallets and cutting open the boxes to dig through them. One guy would wait until he saw a Wal-Mart truck drop its load, wait for it to be unloaded, and demanded to be allowed in the stock room to look through the boxes. Then, one guy actually got a job at the store just to be there when the boxes were unloaded so he could be the first to go through them. He didn’t last long.

    I always thought these guys were crazy. What people will do for money. Greed spins the Wheel.

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