Sad way to end the year.


I got a second job at a pharmacy retailer. I feel I was very lucky to get it. They are willing to train me and I can get certified with a skill,something I can always use if the library thing doesn’t work out.

Well last night as I was leaving work I noticed a tall woman walking by the corner of the store. I had just got to my truck and was kind of wondering where she was headed. Then a guy rode up on his bike and hopped the curb. He punched her square in the face. I hopped out of the truck to go and give aid all while dialing the cops on my cell phone. He saw me coming and took off down the street screaming. She started to walk away.

My store is right across from the police station. I gave a description of the girl and the guy to the operator. As I was waiting for the cops to show up three different cop cars drove by me. I finally was joined by an officer and gave a report. He said they had both people detained around the corner. After finishing the report the cop said she would probably not file charges and he would be let go.

I checked this morning and he evidently was not arrested. I feel I did the right thing, but I can understand how people get discouraged. I am kind of also glad he took off. Even though I try to do no harm, I am not sure what I would have done had he turned his aggression towards me. The thing is I know I can’t change his reaction to me, but I am supposed to change my reaction to his actions. But I also feel I would not have let myself be his punching bag.

Heading home or to the corner store to grab some coffee I did see both of them, he was on the sidewalk cuffed and she was talking to the cops. I hoped they both make the changes that they need to. I’m grateful that I was given a chance to be the better person, he gave me that opportunity by riding away not testing how far I have progressed.


  1. Jamie G. – You are right, it is way to common. I’ve had friends that are woman, go back to abusive partners knowing full well it might happen again. Yet, everytime, they go back. It leaves me bewildered but what can you do besides advise them that they are making a mistake?

    Great comment, thank you for responding to the post. I have a question for you, would you mind e-mailing me at please? Thank you, and again great comment.

  2. The cop is probably right. I’m a cop, too, and that is how it usually ends, though by state law (in Oklahoma) that if there are marks on a victim the suspect goes to jail, end of story. Whether the DA prosecutes is another story, because if they don’t cooperation out of the victim, a good defense attorney will get it kicked out of court.

    The sad reality is that this is all too common. Though I applaud your decency to step in, be very careful. I have been on numerous domestic calls where we find the guy beating the shit out of the female and when the cops step in, she jumps on the cops. It’s some weird psychological thing they warned us about in the academy.

    Anyways, this is why I do metta meditation before work. Years of working the streets without proper character development and a way to release stress left me pretty jaded about people in general and the potential for goodness. I still have a hard time believing that everyone has Buddha-nature. If anything, it has shown me the reality of suffering and the importance of the Dharma.

    What frustrates me more so now is the exclusiveness of Buddhist monks. I think if monks really want to reach Nirvana, they would leave their egos at the monasteries and get out in the world and spread the light of Dharma on every street corner.

    Anyways, now I’m sounding whiny.

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