It’s the parents’ responsibility

Ed. Note- Just read an interesting “letter to the editor” and thought I’d share it and see what you all think about the subject matter. Can God fix our children or is it up to us, the parents of said children? I choose the latter, but that’s just me, being a parent…

From The Cumberland Times-News

To the Editor:
I have been reading for a few weeks numerous letters for and against handing out Bibles in Mineral County (W.Va.) schools.

The one I would like to respond to is from Charlotte Boor (“Giving Bibles not same as a religious education,” Dec. 21 Times-News) since it captures both the facade many have put up (It’s not really religious education), with their true intentions (preaching God from the soapbox).

If Ms. Boor really thinks handing out Bibles in school is not a method of injecting God into a state-run institution, then perhaps it would be all right to distribute literature on other religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, or even Atheism.

It would be a great way for everyone to understand those who are not Christian. For instance, kids could find out that just because you practice Islam, it doesn’t mean you’re training to be a terrorist.

This, of course, would never happen, because the issue at hand isn’t about passing out optional reading materials.

It’s about finding new ways to dance around the Constitution and force God onto public school students.

The reason this needs to happen, according to Ms. Boor, is the moral decline of our youth. And while she is correct about the decline, she, and many others, are totally off-base on the cause.

I spent 12 years in Catholic school. God was everywhere. I received a top-notch education, and a great understanding of Christianity because I was willing to learn.

But that didn’t change the fact that there were many out-of-control kids that enrolled who were still out of control when and if they graduated.

Why? Because you can’t force something down a child’s throat. If they don’t feel it, it doesn’t matter how many Bibles you hand out, or crosses you put on the wall, or how many prayers you make them say. Children are a product of their upbringing.

Which brings me to the real cause of the moral decline of our youth. Our youth falling apart has a direct correlation with the decreased responsibility our society has placed on parents to do their job and actually be parents.

It used to be that children growing up with problems became that way because of a lack of parental structure at home. Now, kids are growing up with issues, because their parents just didn’t bother to take the time to raise them, even though both Mom and Dad are there.

This is the case because society says it’s OK for the parents to take more and more time for themselves, while leaving the kids to look to the TV, computer, video games, pro athletes, etc. for guidance.

This gets coupled with “experts” who talk about rewarding kids for doing things they should be doing in the first place, like behaving, and ignoring discipline altogether.

What we end up with are spoiled-rotten, entitled kids who have learned their life lessons from reputable sources like Michael Vick, Lil’ Wayne, WWE, and Grand Theft Auto. How could they possibly not have a decreased moral standard?

Now folks like Ms. Boor are asking God to raise our kids. These same people are demanding that TV stations, pro athletes, video game developers, etc., change their way of doing things so parents can safely allow their kids to space out without having to worry about what they’re seeing.

But still nothing is suggested about just being better parents.

God watches over us all, but it is not a mother or a father. It can’t give hugs or kisses. It can’t read bedtime stories or fight off monsters under the bed. It can’t play cars on the floor or throw the baseball in the front yard. It can’t lay down rules, and teach right and wrong.

It can’t celebrate the good times, or be there with open arms during the bad. It can’t be there to cheer at sporting events, or cry at graduation.

That’s what parents are for. Until more of them start taking their role seriously, handing out Bibles will be nothing more than a waste of paper.

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  1. These people who get all worked up about not being able to have religion in public schools, or any other public place, miss this most basic point. Like you said, it really is not a matter if it is appropriate to hand out bibles at school. The point is if you hand out bible, then people should be able to hand out religious literature for any religion. Buddhism, Islam, the Great Spaghetti Monster religion, Devil Worship religion.

    Why can’t these people get that basic fact. Before complaining about not be able to have religion in public schools or court houses, think about it that every religion can do the same thing.

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