McCartney lashes out at ‘meat-eating’ Dalai Lama


In his never-ending fight for the cause of vegetarianism, Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has lashed out at The Dalai Lama for eating meat – and supposedly contradicting his Buddhist beliefs.

The famous singer initially tried to convert the Tibetian Spiritual leader to vegetarianism, insisting that it was “wrong” to eat meat.

In his tirade, McCartney wrote to The Dalai Lama to highlight that meat eaters create suffering for animals, and that this fact contradicted a basic tenant of Buddhism that its followers should “not cause suffering to any sentient beings”.

When the Dalai Lama explained that he had been told by doctors to eat meat for health reasons, this wasn’t enough for the passionate superstar.

“I found out he was not a vegetarian, so I wrote to him saying ‘Forgive me for pointing this out, but if you eat animals then there is some suffering somewhere along the line’.” He told prospect magazine.

“He replied saying that his doctors had told him he needed it, so I wrote back saying they were wrong.”

The high profile champion of the vegetarian cause has not made his invective exclusive to his holiness; he recently labeled celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay “stupid” for making disparaging comments about the vegetarian cause.


  1. So the Dalai Lama has never told people they should or shouldn’t do things? Just making sure I understand that correctly.

  2. It takes a certain amount of infatuation with one’s own ego to make pronouncements that others should follow one’s own chosen lifestyle. Sir Paul certainly isn’t lacking in self-adoration on that count.

  3. The dalai lama will have to accept his fate for unnecessarily having animals killed to maintain his body. If my dog can live fine as a vegetarian, so can he. Even our cats don’t eat meat unless they catch and kill it themselves. The dalai lama should live as honestly as my cats or as gently as my dog.

  4. I’m thinking this is old news resuscitated. Last I heard, which was a few years ago, HH the Dalai Lama had gone over completely to the vegetarianism side. It’s apparently starting to catch on in the Tibetan exile community in India in general. I certainly doubt it will ever be anything more than an exceptional (but partly for that reason much respected) asceticism on the plateau. Most Buddhists aren’t vegetarians, or aren’t vegetarians all the time. That they ought to be would be a separate issue. What do you think about it? Should it be a requirement for membership?

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