Couple days of no postings…

No worries, we aren’t going anywhere. Over the weekend I was away in Westford, MA helping replace cable lines for the cable company I work for. The place was an utter mess, still is. The sheer force of something as simple as ice was amazing. Trees were down everywhere, electric poles were snapped in half and cables of all sorts were dangling all over the place.

The suffering I encountered was unbelievable and kept me mindful of how important the job I have is. I know it is just a cable company, but the smiles on people’s faces when they saw us was awesome. When they weren’t smiling they were giving us the thumbs up.

It made me feel proud to be working for a company that cares about the community. The work we were doing was not immediately fruitful, but the idea was that when power came back, TV, internet and phone service would all be ready to go. The company was thinking proactively and people recognized that.

I was only there Saturday and Sunday, putting in 11 hours each day. Guys from my team are still up there, more may be called out. Even though it is a 2+ hour drive from home, it was well worth the time just to see the smiling faces.

I hope power comes back soon for all those impacted by the storm and wish them the best as more severe weather moves in.

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