Burger King Virgins

Hello to all the Metal readers.

This is my first post and I am hoping it will be one to introduce myself to the readers, as well as something that people will want to read.  I was a little nervous, but figured it’s best to get the first post out of the way and see where this leads.

I was watching TV last night and found this odd commercial (found at the end of this article) talking about “Burger King Virgins”. The idea of the commercial is that if we travel to foreign places and place these two burgers in front of people there, which will they choose.

Basically Burger King  has exhausted the States and most of the modern world. They’ve corrupted the Standard American Diet. Their theory is that if people have never tried burgers they would pick theirs over the leading competitor.

Do I think it’s hype, yes. What bothers me most is I feel we should do no harm. Does the modern society need to corrupt the third world or are we already having that effect?  Should we make things and potentially corrupt others? Or are we bringing them into the modern society? How much better are we making their lives?

Looking at some of the good we can do, or the amount of money spent hyping this, makes me wonder if their money could have done more good in other ways. I try to see the middle view in this, but I feel there can be a better way to help the natives than to introduce themselves to our dietary lapses.  In theory we will affect them one way or another, but I think it is our intention to do no harm that should be at the core or what we do.

Locally I strive to do this. But Corporations need to be held to a higher standard. Their actions do not just effect a few lone people they can effect a whole society. Even our Government has done this. We brought Spam to Hawaii. Now that state consumes more of that than anyone else in the world. That has lead to numerous health issues in the Hawaiian population. Diseases and illnesses never experienced before are now plaguing the native Hawaiians.

While I am sure my little rant will do little.  I can try to do no harm as I go through out my day. I may not always succeed, but it is in the effort I strive.


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