Introducing a new contributor to Precious Metal

As you all know, and I’ve mentioned before, time is not my best friend right now. So I began a search for a new contributor and received a promising response. I was hoping to hear from someone who has similar interests as far as the core of this blog goes, and I was lucky to have found that person. This person, like myself, is relatively new to the Buddhist practice. So as we both evolve in our lives this blog will hopefully follow suit. So I’d like to introduce to you Precious Metal’s newest (and first besides myself) contributor, Todd Schaffer.

Thanks Nathan I hope I can be an asset to your blog.

I’ve basically been studying Buddhism for several years and find myself drawn to the new teachers including Noah Levine (author of Dharma Punx and Against The Stream) and also Calvin Malone (author of Razor Wire Dharma). I work for a library in Florida where I teach computer classes and assist patrons with their computer issues. Recently, due to the economy, lots of my time has been taken up assisting people in filing for unemployment and also immigration issues. I like to breed snakes as a hobby. I have no children, but have three dogs.

As you see, Todd seems like the perfect fit here, and I look forward to the direction this blog will continue to go in. I hope you all welcome him warmly as I have. Thanks for coming on board Todd!


  1. I found this blog while searching for a way to help someone I know who is serving time in prison. It seems that the longer his sentence goes on the more he is in trouble and the more time he is adding to it. I am not buddhist (yet) but a dear friend of mine is. I can’t help but think that perhaps insight into buddhism might help my friend finish his sentence and get back to society. I have very limited funds, so I am trying to find the right book to send him without wasting money on no help or more confusion. Does anyone out there think this is a good idea other than me? I just want so much to be able to help.

  2. You sickfucks support calvin malone! Have you done your fucking research! he raped my friend when he was a child! And you make him seem like a saint! I hope you rot in hell you sick sonsofbitches and nothing but the worst happens to you and yours

  3. Haley, sorry you feel so angry about the situation you’ve had to deal with. If you read his book I think you would think much differently of him and the person he is now.

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