Even the simplest things can help

Recently I was asked by someone who stumbled on this blog to answer some questions about Buddhism. They were writing a term paper and thought I would be of value to them in writing the paper. I am still waaaay new to Buddhism, but after receiving the questions I felt comfortable enough to respond.

Anyway, I received word the other day that the person received an A+ on the paper which helped them get an overall grade of A for the entire class. I was very excited to hear the news. Although I was unsure just how much the answers would help, I still took the time to at least try and do what I could.

It just goes to show, however little the task may be, we can all make an impact. Whether it’s holding a door open for someone, smiling at a stranger in the grocery store, making an effort to stop when you see someone trying to cross traffic, etc. It all helps!

One Comment

  1. Not to rain on your parade, but helping a student with a term paper can in many cases constitute cheating under university codes of conduct–a definite (if well-meaning) violation of right action. As a professor who teaches Buddhism at a Canadian university, I would be dismayed if one of my students used a blogging stranger as a resource for her work rather than doing more rigorous research by visiting the library. Sadly, so few students are inclined to do anything more than google a few key terms and then either copy what they find or ask someone to answer questions and then use their answers without proper citation. You may wish to be more cautious in the future, though of course it may be that in this particular instance no plagiarism (which under Canadian university standards includes getting outside help) happened.

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