Moving on…

It’s unfortunate that I announce, but I have left the band I was singing in, Leukorrhea. After trying my hardest to make time to dedicate to the band, that time just wasn’t/isn’t there anymore.

I recently got a new job and the schedule which I’ll be working will not work out. I am saddened to leave the band, but feel it’s the right decision. They need someone who can dedicate the time and I just cannot do that anymore.

On top of my new job, my father has been sick and just days ago had multiple cancers removed from his liver. I have also been caring for my nephew, on top of my own three children. So it’s time to concentrate on the areas in my life that need me, and that’s my family and career.

I wish the best for the band, and say to the fans, thank you for all the support. Keep an ear out for new material from Leukorrhea, the new stuff they are working on will blow you away, I guarantee it.


  1. It takes great courage to let go and be the man!!!Great decsion and follow your heart and path.The real world throws alot of obstacles but this is we we grow.

  2. I appreciate the comment Rod. It was a tough decision to make, real tough. I totally enjoy the music as you know, but sometimes you have to put that aside and do what you have to do in “real life”.

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