Voters need to look beyond fear when electing leader

From The Statesmen Journal
by Jerry Braza

In the aftermath of the conventions, I recall the Buddhist concept of looking deeply and not to be trapped by just one view. It is time to go beyond ideology and recognize why we are voting.

This election is not about a personality or even party, but something much deeper. Although it is easy to become enamored with a candidate or angered by a person’s background, color or perceived differences, this only blinds us into mindless thinking and the inability to hear the deeper message that they purport.

It is time to transcend political bickering and pandering and go beyond what can divide us during this important election.

Looking deeply, ask yourself which candidate will best relieve the suffering that our world is experiencing. This election should not be about fear but about our connectedness.

Can we go beyond ourselves to truly support the young Marine, the mother with cancer and all those who might be considered invisible or the “least of our brethren?

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