Washing a Zafu and Zabuton?

Does anyone out there have experience with how to wash and dry a zafu and zabuton? I was thinking I could just throw them in the wash and then tumble dry them. I do not want to ruin them though so if you have another recommendation I would gratefully appreciate it. Thank you!


  1. do NOT wash them in the washer–you will RUIN THEM. instead, just clean them like you would an old ball cap. directions for that follow; just make the necessary adjustments to the idea here:

    First do a colorfastness test, take a wet washcloth with a little mild detergent (Zero or Woolite are both mild) and a little ‘Spray and Wash’ on it and rub it gently on a hidden spot on your baseball caps inner rim. Rinse by rubbing with a clean wet cloth and air dry.

    If there is no change to the colour then go ahead and clean the dirtiest part of your older baseball hats, the headband, using the washcloth and detergent.

    After you have sufficiently cleaned the headband of sweat stains and soil, rinse the washcloth with clear water and once again wash down the headband, cleaning up any leftover soap. Air dry and your baseball caps will be ready to go again. Some sweat stains remain but at least the baseball caps will be cleaner with no risk to the brim.

    http://www.sport-smart.com/wash-baseball-hat-cap.htm )

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