1. John Davis – Just because the media has covered the story lately, doesn’t mean a person hasn’t known about it for years. It’s actually quite the opposite, just now the media are reporting it, while others have cared about the issues for a long time.

  2. I think it’s rather amazing that most of us living in the West do not believe that we are also recipients of brainwashing by our local media. Tom Rudin upstairs’ got a point, a friend from school was telling me that “Darfur was no longer the ‘fad’ now, but rather Tibet is the NEW Darfur”. I think somet of us needs to evaluate our points of view before blindly taking stances like this.

  3. A quick action has to be taken on this issue. the government of china should explain why he has to treat the buddha’s warrior that way forgetting that they promote peace.

  4. Let’s make one thing perfectly clear. This has been going on in Tibet for decades. Why hasn’t CNN done this piece before? …because there was no political outcry before at the level it is now, and God forbid, offending American Big Business interests there. Now it is fashionable to attack China (much warrented), and so CNN comes to the rescue…at the 11th hour…when the waters are safe to do so.

    Don’t be fooled!!!

  5. Absolutely,
    there is no doubt that Buddha was born in NEPAL.
    CNN’s Christina Amanpour needs to correct.

  6. Chriastina Amanpour by mistake said Buddha was born in India, when is absolotely WRONG.
    Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal.
    please make the correction, all the people waching CNN will appreciate it.

  7. This is the first I’ve heard of this, and it seems interesting. Is it going to be about Burma and Tibet again? It will certainly be worth the watch if they interview monastics and lay people on how they try to reconcile non-violent protest with violent suppression. Thanks for the notice!


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