Dalai Lama Not Endorsing John McCain

This past week, in Aspen (CO), presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama met for a brief, 45 minute talk. Of course the cameras were there, in hopes that maybe His Holiness would lend some credibility to John McCain’s campaign.

McCain of course gave us the same talk of “I urge the Chinese leaders to engage in talks and make progress with his Holiness’ representatives in addressing the just grievances of the Tibetan people.” I guess he didn’t already know that reps from both sides have already been talking, and getting nowhere like usual.

He also said “I urge the Chinese government to release Tibetan political prisoners, account for Tibetans that have ‘disappeared’ since the protests in March, and engage in meaningful dialogue and genuine autonomy for Tibet.” That seemed a bit more authentic, and I give McCain a bare minimum of respect for the comment. The fact he said “Tibetans that have ‘disappeared’ since the protests in March” is a just slap in the face to China, while at the same time being safe in what he says. So I’ll give him something for that, good job Mr Rubble, I mean, Mr McCain.

I saw a brief video where His Holiness greets McCain, and McCain barely notices he’s there, gives a brief handshake and nearly runs to stay ahead of him as they walk forward. I thought that was a bit of disrespect on his part, and he lost some of the respect he had gained by his comments with me.

His Holiness did agree that McCain’s words were “genuine”, but at the end of the meeting it was said His Holiness is NOT endorsing McCain’s campaign in anyway. And honestly, why should he? He knows what we’re going to get with McCain in power, more of the same old junk. His Holiness knows that it’s time for something new for the United States, as do many Americans.

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