Lama To Bless Critically Ill Cats

From The Boston Channel – A Tibetan Lama will bless critically ill cats, including an animal that was allegedly placed in a microwave, at MSPCA-Angell Boston Tuesday.

Three of the animals to be blessed by Lama Gursam are enduring severe medical trauma. Zorro survived a South Boston apartment fire last week and is continuing to heal at Angell Animal Medical Center.

Newton arrived at Angell following a three-story fall. The young kitten, not more than 6 weeks old, was surrendered to the MSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center battered and bruised.

Edison, a 6-week-old kitten, was brought to Angell after allegedly being placed in a microwave and cooked. Upon examination, adoption center veterinarians found that his wounds are relative to those of being placed in an operating microwave that was then turned on.

Edison’s life-threatening injuries range from the loss of half of his tail — to be removed through surgery and possibly the entire tail in the upcoming days — burns to his legs and ears, including a dime sized hole on one ear and the possible need to amputate both, as well as blisters on his tongue. Edison’s case is currently under investigation by the MSPCA’s Law Enforcement Department.

The Lama’s visit comes during the busy adoption center season when many animals, especially cats, are in need of new families and the non-profit’s resources are stretched.

The Lama is currently on a tour of the northeastern United States and specifically requested a visit to the MSPCA-Angell to bless the animals following several incidents while teaching in Asia.

Donations are being accepted through the MSPCA-Angell’s General Fund to cover the cost of care of Newton and Edison, a considerable amount of Zorro’s care, as well as the thousands of additional animals cared for by the nonprofit annually.

To donate please click here. Mailed donations are also being accepted and should be sent to: MSPCA-Angell General Fund, Zorro, Newton and Edison, 350 South Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02130.

The MSPCA is asking the public to contact its Law Enforcement Department with any information regarding Edison’s case at 800-628-5808.

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