Recycle To Raise Awareness on World Refugee Day

Ed. Note – I just received an e-mail about this great new project, and was asked to help publicize it a bit. So, I am reposting the press release here for you to read and hope the event goes well. Thumbs up to Tents For Hope/ ECO-CELL for the creativity displayed here, it’s a simple way for people to make an impact without hitting their wallets to hard, which unfortunately is holding alot of people back. And how many darn cell phones do you have stored in the closet collecting dust since you upgraded to the new hip phone?

Tents of Hope & ECO-CELL Partner to Raise Funds for Darfur – It’s amazing what you can save when you recycle. In honor of World Refugee Day on June 20, 2008, Tents of Hope ( is announcing the launch of its partnership with ECO-CELL to help raise funds for the crisis in Darfur. Integrated with nationwide events on World Refugee Day, improving the life of someone in Darfur is now as simple as donating an old, unused cell phone.

World Refugee Day (June 20, 2008) is a time to remember the plight of refugees around the world and to recognize the contributions of refugees in our communities. On World Refugee Day, Tents of Hope (a one year campaign created to inspire and activate people to respond to the crisis in Darfur, Sudan) will have events taking place nationwide which will include community creation, painting and displaying of tents as symbols of hope to identify with the refugees of Darfur. In participating locales, ECO-CELL recycling bins will be available for cell phone donation. Donations can also be made online by visiting
Participating in the ECO-CELL/Tents of Hope cell phone recycling initiative is a truly unique way to help the refugees of Darfur while taking care of the environment at the same time. Simply collect and turn in any old, unused cell phones at a designated ECO-CELL recycling bin. Proceeds will be donated to Tents of Hope and Darfur advocacy groups, the Save Darfur Coalition and STAND (formerly “Students Taking Action Now: Darfur”), a Student Anti-Genocide Coalition made up of over 600 high school and college chapters.

According to Dr. Timothy Nonn, founder of the Tents of Hope campaign, “The ECO-CELL/Tents of Hope partnership is so wonderful for us because we are able to give individuals a way to monetarily contribute to the cause in Darfur without actually having to spend any money. Creative activism is what Tents of Hope is about and working with ECO-CELL is a perfect fit. Not only are we helping a worthy cause in Darfur, but we are simultaneously doing something good for the environment.”

Lindsey Ronay, Community Relations Director of ECO-CELL comments, “At ECO-CELL we use the statement ‘It’s amazing what you can save when you recycle.’ We are so pleased that this partnership is being announced and launched on World Refugee Day because it demonstrates how we are one global community and how one very small action here at home can improve the lives of people suffering far away. Every phone collected not only keeps toxins out of a landfill but also generates valuable dollars for a cause that needs our help. In this way, we can all be activists.”

In addition to recycling on World Refugee Day, Tents of Hope is also encouraging everyone to VOTE for the right of the displaced people of Darfur to safely return home. Vote online at or visit your local Tents of Hope event to place your vote in the tent ballot boxes. All online votes and ballot boxes will be delivered to the Democratic and Republican conventions. Contact Parveen Kaur at to find out about local World Refugee Day events and voting locations.

About Tents of Hope
Tents of Hope is a one-year campaign created to inspire and activate people to respond to the crisis in Darfur, Sudan by creating tents that are unique works of art and ongoing focal points within communities for learning about, assisting and establishing relationships with the people of Sudan. Tents of Hope already has over 200 cities in 43 states participating and 30 major partner organizations including Save Darfur, STAND, United Church of Christ, Amnesty International, Lost Boys Rebuilding Southern Sudan, Genocide Intervention Network, American Jewish World Service, Church World Service, Lutheran World Relief and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. For more information visit,

ECO-CELL is a cell phone recycling and fundraising company that works with a variety of organizations in the U.S. and Canada, particularly zoos and conservation programs, to collect used cell phones and raise funds for those organizations. ECO-CELL helps keep cell phones out of landfills and provides organizations with a profitable, easy to use, environmentally focused fund-raising program. For more information, visit:

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