Enviro-buddies set ‘green’ example

Ed. Note – I am proud to say my daughter is part of the group which is written about in the article below. She has become very environmentally conscious and compassionate to animals and other wildlife. As the article says, her group was selected to meet Jane Goodall this year, which was very exciting for her.

From WickedLocal – Planting a salsa garden is just one of the projects Mattacheese Middle School student members of Enviro-buddies have pioneered this year.
“We also recycle paper and cardboard, collecting cans for redemption,” said JoAnna Watson, the group’s adviser.

In June, club members will sell 50 tomato, pepper, onion and cilantro plants and donate the proceeds to Jane Goodall’s Rebirth the Earth, which buys trees for nurseries in Tanzania.

In April, the Mattacheese group was selected out of 250 Roots and Shoots groups statewide to attend a conference at the Boston Nature Center where they presented their project and met Goodall.

My daughter Xena, hard at work!“It was a total shock to me and a real honor for these students to be picked to hear Jane Goodall,” Watson said. “Each group had three minutes to explain what they do, and at the end they got to ask her questions. She’s 70 years old and is on the road 300 days a year.”

<< My daughter Xena, hard at work!

This group is here to stay. Wearing their white T-shirts with the green Enviro-buddies logo designed by Brian Beaty, a dozen members meet first thing in the morning to repot plants and discuss future plans. The group, which Watson started as a directed study, has grown into an after-school activity.

Many participants are concerned about endangered animals. Savannah Spencer said she loves tigers and wants to help make sure they don’t become extinct. Olivia Blomdahl is interested in helping to save whales and koala bears.

Nicole Pope wants to preserve species that are not yet endangered. “I love bunnies,” she said. “I have a mini-Rex, and some people let them loose to die in the wild. I want to be sure they survive.”

Savannah Spencer said that after watching an episode of “Animal Planet,” she dreamed of opening a farm to protect endangered animals. Spencer said that dream motivates her to excel in school so she can one day become a veterinarian.

“Next year we’ve planned a sock drive to participate in Happy Socks. We’ll stuff the sock with dried catnip from Ms. Watson’s garden and give them to cats in local shelters to take with them when they’re adopted,” Savannah said.

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