The Dalai Lama and Buddhism via 5 Definitions

I was reading the Time Magazine article “A Monks Struggle” and something really stood out to me. The writer talks about whenever he meets with His Holiness, it seems he uses five of the same words with frequency. The words themselves speak volumes about the man using them, and sum up his character, or at least they do to me.

I’ve included the words below, with the definitions.

logical – reasoning in accordance with the principles of logic, as a person or the mind.

realistic – interested in, concerned with, or based on what is real or practical.

investigate – to examine, study, or inquire into systematically; search or examine into the particulars of; examine in detail.

analyze – to examine carefully and in detail so as to identify causes, key factors, possible results, etc.

explore – to engage in exploration.

After re-reading those, not only do I think it really details His Holiness, I think it really sums up what Buddhism has become for me. It is very much a process, just as much as a practice.

It is very logical, quite realistic when put into motion and practiced with compassion, you must investigate it and question everything for yourself, analyze each bit that you’ve investigated to make sure it fits with what you believe, and continue to explore all facets of it, as well as all the facets this life has to offer us and those we share it with.

Like I said, it is not only a practice but a process and if done properly, we all benefit. Now I need to get to work on doing it properly, see you soon!


  1. Share some goodies here:

    1)A new documentary on HHDL “Unwinking Gaze” was aired on CBC on 10pm Sunday 15th June.

    really want to get this one..^^

    2)recently Robert Thurman gave a talk on his new book, really crack me up.

    the one-hour talk’s your 101 on Buddhism, Tibet-China relationship etc,10&pageid=440

    06-05-2008 Robert Thurman – On his new book, “Why the Dalai Lama Matters”


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