Congratulations to Obama!

My mom used to always tell me to stay away from talking about two things, religion and politics. Since I’ve already broken the first recommendation why not break the other.

I am proud to congratulate Barack Obama for a well fought campaign, and winning the nomination of the Democratic Party to run for the President of the USA. Our country has truly turned a corner in it’s history, hopefully the momentum will keep up and we can continue moving in the right direction.

Regardless of your politics, you should feel proud to be a citizen of this country. Only in this country can we put all our history behind us and send someone like Barack Obama to the Whitehouse! Good job Obama, I hope to hear more good news from you in November!


  1. WHOSE the “real-power” behind the WHITEHOUSE ?

    “the same “Scumbags” that assassinated JFK. Martin L King. and RFK.

    “IF” Obama becomes a “YES” man he will survive, despite being BLACK !

    “IF” He is his own man……He will be Assassinated toooo !!!

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