Precious Metal Shirts?

Yeah, I thought it was silly at first, but I really wanted a shirt with the icon from the header up above (the meditating guy on the lotus). I wasn’t sure about CafePress as I thought it was much more expensive, but the price on a “value” t-shirt was worth it. I decided to make the shirt available to anyone who might want to purchase one. The price is very cheap ($12.99) considering t-shirts nowadays are $20 or more.

Click here to go to my store on CafePress. Maybe eventually I’ll expand it with some other designs. I have a few more I’ve created in Illustrator (a Buddha bust, a couple Mudra designs, etc) so maybe I’ll add them in a day or so, but for now I only have the logo one. Tell me if you like it or not.

One Comment

  1. Hey cool shirt I wouldn”t mind having one but I never use my credit card online.Is there anyway you could hook me up?

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