Lost comment by a reader

A reader e-mailed me, asking what had happened to a comment of theirs. It was during the initial influx of spammers and CCP backers in regards to articles about the Tibetan Uprising. For some reason the spam detection software here on WordPress must have blocked it, as I did not see it. Either way, they sent me what they had written and I thought it was good enough for it’s own post here. Hopefully it can bring about some more discussion on the subject.

The poster was responding to comments left on the article about Thai Olympian who was to carry the Torch but pulled out.

I’m tired of these posters who are short and “sweet” with insults and cursing! Yet, they give no more information, other than complain about Western colonialism, but praise their own colonialism tactics. I’m also tired of them assuming we know “China” only from CNN or BBC! I don’t watch much TV. I do occasionally watch CNN, BBC, DT, MSN, but I also read from other news sources in the East, and this is the greatness of a democracy. I can watch any news network or read any news organization to get my unbiased information without any internal government censoring. If something doesn’t sound right, I have a right to question and dispute it.

@tigerloong, Only the Tibetan people can tell what is good for them. I wouldn’t want a Chinese to tell me what is good for me, nor would a Chinese want the Japan to tell China what is good for them or vise versa. You only bring up the rioting of the Tibetan people, yet you don’t ask yourself why they rioted or who instigated it. China keeps blaming the Dalai Lama, yet he doesn’t even live there. The Dalai Lama has already denied those claims, and I trust him. How can I trust a government that won’t even let international news agency’s or third party independent verificaitons to clarify information for possible crimes and alleged Dalai Lama activities? Everything is disputed by the Chinese communist government, by default, and they alway’s in everything allege claims are baseless, even regarding the Falun Gong organ harvestings or forced labor camps that probably make your childrens toys.

Rioting is a sign that something is wrong, and we should take notice of that, and ask what is wrong. We all need to ask why this happened, and if you don’t know why asks a Tibetan, not the imported Chinese people to Tibet, but a true Tibetan ethnic person who speaks Tibetan and has a unique culture. However, if your in Lhasa and a Chinese, you may not get a true response because they live in fear of the PAP most of the time.

So instead of pointing out the riots, instead make a point to understand why it happened. Learn to ask why. Don’t just say they did a bad thing because they rioted, so they are “scoundrels.” That doesn’t prove anything, other than show your emotions. It’s disturbing to see a riot, yet no one asks why. Why does Tibet have an anniversary on March 10 every year, a peacefully demonstration? Why did the Chinese PAP decide this year to block that peaceful protest? As a result of that peaceful protest being blocked caused anger among some bystanders that turned into riots. Why did the Tibetan’s only attack Chinese Han and Hui [Hui, many are similiar to Hans] Shops?

There is resentment toward the Chinese coming to Tibet with the support of the Chinese communist government, flooding Lhasa making Tibetans a second class citizen in their own land, especially in their own capital, Lhasa, which should be where the seat of the Tibetan government in exile resides. Why does the CCP snub Tibetan culture like this? Not to long ago Tibetan TV anchors were forced to wear fur, which is a practice not acceptable, another sample of disrespect to the Tibet people.

Why are the Tibetan’s tested in Chinese in their own country? They should be tested in Tibetan not Chinese, and as a result many can’t get jobs, and that is first hand discrimination.

Riots are a sign of deep-seated resentments brought about by discrimination and special privileges by those doing the discrimination. As a result of those discriminations, many of them flee and end up as refugees, and that is another sign that something is wrong with the current government. Discrimination towards their culture, their way of life and the persecution of their religious practice are just part of the deep seated resentments toward the Chinese communist government, not to mention that they have no say on how their own country is developed. We are living in the 21st century, this stuff shouldn’t be happening, yet it still is. I hear to many comments pointing out old colonial systems, and complaining about what other people or other countries have done, yet China is doing it to Tibet? 150 years ago there was no international law, and it would take 3 months for news to get from the east coast to the west coast, today it only takes a matter of seconds, and international laws came into affect after WWII or most did. China is also part of the United Nations, so they should know better. In 1949, there were a number of laws implemented against genocide, which includes a number of issues that the Chinese communist party has committed toward the Tibetan culture and people. The cultural revolution destroyed many temples and monasteries.

Child kidnapping is also a crime against the Tibetan people especially if that child is noticed as a future leader to the Tibetan people.

We are in a 21st century world, and news is easily accessible than it was more than 50 years ago. Things have changed the Tibetan government, which fled Tibet to safety in India has also changed in the last 50 years. Its government is not the same feudal government; it is a more democratically elected government. The people of Tibet want their leader the Dalai Lama to return, and they want their own government to return.

The feudal Tibetan system is no longer, and even if the Tibetan government in exile where to return the old feudal system it wouldn’t be allowed because there are to many Tibetan refugees that are raised in a democratic system and would not allow that feudal system to return. To many complaints about the old system, yet the same people who complain about that feudal system make no mention of their own feudal system of slaves and force castration of slaves? Give me a break! The Tibetan government in exile is not a backwards government and the riots occurred because of deep seated resentments for 50 years of discrimination by another group of people that are not even similar in language or culture.

Lets not forget that the Chinese communist government also instigated the riots, and some PAP to help instigate those riots. The riots were initially a peaceful demonstration as it is every March 10 masquerading as Tibetans.


  1. That is the equivalent of saying black protestors in the 1960s in America were being “racist towards whites” by protesting.

    The black Americans were not protesting white Americans; they were protesting injustice.

    Tibetans are not protesting Chinese; they are protesting injustice. If white Americans or Chinese are part of a group dealing out injustice, they cannot escape blame simply by saying “I’m a different race than the protestors and therefore the protestors are being racist.”

  2. And here we go again. This is getting boring isn’t it? You must not question the Tibetans as they are always right-even when they are wrong. Many Tibetan exiles (and their supporters) are allowed to be racist toward the Chinese and non-Tibetans but when one feels that “If something doesn’t sound right, I have a right to question and dispute it” they are verbally attacked. There is no freedom of speech for Chinese or non-Tibetan onlookers that question (the unquestionable!). As usual “everything Tibetan” is superior to “anything other”. What a big bunch of bullies!

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