Many apologies

I’ve been seriously slacking on the blog lately, and I’m sorry to those of you that come to view new articles, news, etc. Life has thrown me a curveball lately and I’m pretty lost right now. The only real comfort I have is when I’m home with my wife and kids. It seems like my creativity has wheened and it’s reflecting in many parts of my life, including work. As a graphic designer it’s important to have a mind that is fresh and full of ideas, in my case that’s not happening. I wish I could get to the core and figure this out but I can’t. I’d like to blame it on various things like the price of gas killing my wallet, the ever growing bills and other pains in life, but I can’t single one item out. Anyway, I won’t bore you to death with these things, just wanted to get a post up here to let you know what was going on and why the blog hasn’t been as frequently updated.

Hope you are all well and talk to you soon!


  1. Thanks Kevin. We’re in the same boat it seems, but who isn’t really right? It was just an off day and I needed to vent, they come and go these days. More frequently though as of late…

  2. Sorry to hear things are a littlle rough right now.I have been dealing with great anxiety.It has been a struggle of suffering.
    Work has been hard but my family keeps me in there.Impermence.Them racing thoughts,sleepless nights,can”t concentrate,
    Damn it”s tough bing a thinker.You are not alone!!!
    Feel free to to write or e-mail me.
    See ya

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