A Room With A View

I was searching around for old 80’s metal videos on YouTube and stumbled on a song I used to love “back in the day”. The song is, as the subject reflects, A Room With A View by Death Angel. Death Angel was a band of family members from the Bay Area of San Francisco, infamous in the 80’s it’s influence on thrash metal.

In high school some friends and myself performed this in a talent show. I really loved the song and was more than ecstatic to come back down memory lane for a bit. I really enjoy listening to the lyrics, the harmonies and overall great melody of the song.

You could take the lyrics and surmise many different scenarios, from a “crazy guy” locked up in a room with a view, but I also though of it from a Buddhist perspective. I doubt they had the Buddha in mind while writing the song, but could they have unknowingly? Read the lyrics below, watch the video (at the bottom) and comment. I’d be interested to hear your take on the song and it’s lyrics.

Sitting at the window staring down
Listen to the people shuffle around
Hear the children laughing
Feel the morning breeze
Sunlight warms his skin
The autumn air is taken in
A nearby bird sings its song for him

A room with a view
You´re looking at him
He´s looking through you
A room with a view
Who´s fooling who
There´s got to be something that he knew

So there he sits and some may wonder
About the sly grin on his face
Yet little do they know
(they don´t have a clue)
The boundaries of his wisdom
In the solitude of his kingdom

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