Xinhua: China finds dynamite and guns in 11 monasteries

Ed. Note – I am only posting this to show just how quick the world news organizations will turn just for a story. Since March 10th there has been many articles about how China needs to calm down and resist the disgusting behavior in Tibet. But now, because it’s a “story” they are more than happy to repost news from the Communist run newspaper Xinhua. Anyone who knows anything at all, knows that Xinhua and the Chinese are trying their best to make it look like “poor China, these terrorist monks are going to blow us up and split the motherland.” Who in their right minds would believe such nonsense? It’s common sense here folks, China is trying to make the monks look like monsters for standing up for themselves last month. They will, and probably did, plant bombs and other weapons in the monasteries. I am willing to bet everything I have (which isn’t much) that this is all bullshit and the Chinese are doing nothing but lying to make their brutality seem justified. If you believe anything coming from Xinhua or any other CCP run news agency than…(insert any word you choose for moron, dolt, ignorant, etc)…

From Reuters – Police have found guns, dynamite, bullets and satellite receivers hidden in 11 Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in China’s northeastern Gansu province, state media reported on Wednesday.

The weapons caches were found over the past two days in monasteries of the Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, where riots between March 14 and 19 injured 94 people, Xinhua news agency said.

Monk-led protests in Lhasa early last month exploded into violent riots on March 14. The unrest rapidly spread to ethnic Tibetan populations in neighboring areas, sparking a government crackdown that has drawn international condemnation.

Over 2,200 people surrendered to the police for joining the Gannan riots, but 1,870 have been released, Xinhua said. Over 100 monks are still being held among other detainees.

China has accused the Dalai Lama of orchestrating the violence in Tibet and other Tibetan areas of the country in a push for independence and to derail the Olympic Games which China hosts this summer.

But the Dalai Lama has rejected the accusations, speaking out against the use of violence, calling for talks with China and backing the Beijing Games.

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