Tibet protesters claim death toll now 140

From CNN – Tibet’s exile government said the death toll from protests in the Himalayan region over the past two weeks has reached about 140, but Chinese government restrictions have made it difficult confirm the number killed.

Chinese authorities have issued a much lower death toll and said most of those killed were “innocent” ethnic Han Chinese targeted by rampaging Tibetans.

The Tibetan exiles published a list of 40 Tibetans they said are confirmed dead.

Meanwhile, Tibetan exiles and monks protested for a second day outside of China’s embassy visa office in Kathmandu, Nepal on Tuesday, resulting in 73 protesters arrested, Nepalese police said.

Although police said they did not use force, protest organizers said as many as 12 people were hurt when police charged them with bamboo sticks.

Protests involving Tibet also dogged the Olympic flame, which was lit in a ceremony Monday in Olympia, Greece. The torch is scheduled to be carried to sites around the world on its way to the Summer Olympics in Beijing, and Tibetan activist say they plan anti-Chinese protests along the way.

On Monday, Greek police arrested some of the protesters along the first miles of the torch relay, but the demonstrations were peaceful and police reported no injuries or scuffles.

At one point, a Tibetan woman covered herself with red paint and lay on the ground, forcing the torchbearer to weave around her as other protesters shouted “Flame of shame.”

Students for a Free Tibet, a Tibetan exile group, said its protesters would challenge police as the flame moves through 23 cities on five continents before passing throughout China. Tibetan activists will follow it through “London, Paris and everywhere else China’s stained Olympic Torch goes,” the group said.

The group said the Chinese government “will pressure other governments to silence peaceful protesters who expose the truth behind China’s Olympics propaganda campaign.”

“The Chinese government’s long arm has already extended to San Francisco, where Tibetans are being told they cannot protest along the Torch Relay route,” the group said in a news release.

Also Monday, five Tibetans were arrested for deadly arson attacks stemming from the anti-China riots that erupted this month, China’s government announced.

A Chinese Ministry of public security official said the suspects have confessed to two arson incidents that killed 10 people in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa, according to the state-run news agency Xinhua.

Ministry spokesman Shan Huimin said three female suspects were detained for a March 14 fire at a shop, in which five female sales assistants were burned to death, Xinhua reported.

In the second case, two males were detained for setting fire to a motorcycle shop on March 15, which resulted in five deaths — including an 8-month-old boy and his parents, according to Xinhua.

Shan said the violence in Lhasa between March 14 and 15 also injured 242 police officers, according to Xinhua. However, Shan added, peace has been restored to the area.

Clashes between anti-Chinese protesters in the Tibetan capital Lhasa and other cities broke out earlier this month, and Chinese officials blamed the Dalai Lama’s followers for the violence.

The Tibetan government in exile said at least 80 people were killed by police, but Chinese officials put the death toll at 13.


  1. CNN simply likes to pick up the things they think most people in the US like to hear. The reporters become clever by using “accroding to…”, “based on…”. “…” are the one-sided sources the reporters like very much. I never trusted CNN. They are ruining their reputation by reporting faked stories and lies. They are never been China yet they know more about China than anybody else!

  2. It is hard to understand:

    (1) The American store managers (e.g.,Wal Mart), not the Chinese, bought all the toys from for American children. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Yet, with the economy and income declining, you choose to buy cheap stuff and the Chinese cannot force you to go to China and buy something harmful – you figure this out!

    (2) Dalai claimed the death # while most of the victims are Han people – are they simply proud of killing?

  3. Well, CNN reports all these fake stories based on third-hand information. CNN should NOT be ALLOWED in China to perform so called news reporting business based on its own notorious record of hijacking facts and making up headlines…

  4. I find it quite outrageous that the Chinese government would level such ridiculous claims. Remember that this is the very same government that knowingly sold American children toxic lead-based painted toys, a veritble act of genocide against children. That the Chinesed government would acccuse a saintly symbol of pacifisism like the Dalai Lamma of inciting violence is material wothy of comedy scetch shows, not serious politics. Does the Chinese government accually think the rest of the world is as ignorant and uneducated as their own people?

  5. I think that it is clear by all reports that the young idealistic Tibetan demonstrators started the violence and not the Chinese government. They are nieve or very foolish if they think that the China government is going to stand idly by while ethnic (Han) Chinese are attacked, their shops burner, and their lives taken. They should expect a somewhat over zealous reaction from the government. It is very sad that they are now trying to drag the Olympic Games into what is a political problem. The Olympics are for the world and are not supposed to be political. Now the Tibetans have staged several attacks against the Olympics and they have announced that they will expand and continue their attacks against the Olympics and they ask other countries of the world to boycott the games. These radical protestors need to stop their violence, stop their attacks against the Olympics, and try to have a non-violent dialogue with the government. Unfortunately, because of their recent and current actions they have made the prospect of a reasonable and non-villent dialogue less likely and in the long run they may have done considerable damage to their cause. I hope that both sides will try to calm down and enter into a reasonalble dialogue.

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