I’ve finally decided…

…to start deleting comments. I’ve been inundated lately with Pro-Chinese Propagandists, and from here on out I refuse to allow the hate-filled comments to appear on this site. Believe what you want to believe on the Tibetan protest issue, spew that hate on your own blog.

The straight fact of the matter is, for nearly 6 decades the Tibetan culture has been deteriorating at an alarming rate. This is due to many different reasons, you can find them all over the internet. The people in Tibet are very smart to rise up now, while the world might actually pay attention. The attention they are receiving is way overdue as they struggle to keep their customs and lifestyles alive.

I don’t believe a thing the Chinese propaganda machine is putting out on their own, Communist sponsored, television networks. They have censored their own people from seeing the true reality of what’s going on by blocking access to YouTube, not allowing fair and balanced media outlets into the region, etc. The “security” they have in place is called the “Great Firewall Of China” for a reason, it is plainly censorship to the core. Any free society can see this.

Yes, I am definitely not proud of some of the things our government has done in the name of America, but I thank my lucky stars I was born and raised in this country and not a society that doesn’t allow me to think for myself. More to come…


  1. how you get the number 1.2 million. just read a book that state in 1953, around 2 million popurlate in Tibet. and the amount of PLA they keep there would do nothing else but killing and netting to achive such impossible mission. beside we should find tomb or bones everywhere in tibet now. not such evidents show yet. everyone should look a little deeper than the medias/or some groups try to sell us.\

    Letting journalists in would be a bad idea unless chinese want another Kosovo in Tibet

  2. Dear Morgan, Who started the killing first? Chinese PLA when they marched into Tibet in the 1950s, that’s who, and they haven’t let up since. 1.2 million Tibetans dead. How many Chinese killed in total?

    Agreed killing is not justified but be careful about making assumptions before the full story can be revealed. China needs to invite an international fact-finding mission into Tibet and western provinces, to get at the truth. Letting journalists in wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

    As for criminals in monks clothing, ah yes you must be speaking of the Chinese agents provocateurs. I don’t believe that they are Buddhist, so that would explain any killing they might have done.

  3. Did any of you see the rioters killing innocent bystanders and shop owners? Who started killing first? Any government has the responsibility to punish criminals who pose threats to public safety. If this is a peaceful demonstration, that will be a completely different matter. I thought the Buddhism should not kill or hurt any live form, not mention human being. They don’t even suppose to hurt their enemies. Are they really monks or just a bunch of criminals in monk’s clothes?

  4. I screen comments before they get posted, but I haven’t deleted any yet. I have announced a policy of not allowing posts that contain extreme expressions of emotional poisons (what Buddhists call kleshas). There is just so much expression of rage on the internet, much of it (I’m not sure *how* much of it!) simply false and used to get attention or “fight battles.” And not just for the Tibet issue. I stopped reading comments at major news organization sites long ago. It’s truly a waste of time. I agree with you, though. More polite communication and clear expression. More logic. Less screaming and accusations. I’ll bet H.H. would agree with that.

    And just a gentle reminder. There is no government that doesn’t allow people to think for themselves. This is not possible, although I suppose some would if they could. There are, however, governments that don’t allow people to express their thoughts. I think it is a very important distinction there. I’m confident those governments won’t be lasting much longer.

  5. I may let a few go here and there, just to keep things balanced. But the outright hate, and comparing the Dalai Lama to Hitler is WAY over the top and completely off base. I’ve had numerous people post about the comparisons and I can’t even comprehend how someone could come up with that comparison.

    And thanks on the writing comment, hopefully I can get some more original content up soon, life is busy busy though right now with the new little man and the other two and the 7 cats, haha!

  6. right on brother!

    But, if I were you, I’d collect the comments and publish them with your own commentary.
    More often than not these people just make themselves look stupid…so why not highlight their ignorance :)

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