Paris Hilton turns to Buddhist Monk to find her spiritual self?

This was a HOAX!!!

From London News – It seems like Paris Hilton is trying to shed her party girl image and has turned to a Buddhist Monk to find her spiritual self.

The 27-year-old was spotted with the monk in Los Angeles browsing the shelves of the Bodhi Tree bookstore for spiritual enlightenment books.

The hotel-heiress might have been attempting to change her party-girl image and it looks as if the ageing monk is giving her a helping hand.

Paris read and discussed a book named ‘The Path to the Painted Shaman,’ with the mystic.

Meanwhile, she tried her level best to revive the poor ratings of her box-office flop ‘The Hottie And The Nottie,’ by lounging around in her undies.


  1. *Ehem ehem* I would like to inform you that that was a gag from the show on E! called Pop Fiction. You really should try to inform people the truth, not to try to give us the latest gossip before People magazine.

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