Dirty Money

Occasionally you hear of random acts of kindness. From the simple things like helping an older person cross the street, maybe a community fund raiser for homelessness or even simpler, holding a door open for someone with full hands at the grocery store. But I was baffled this morning to stumble onto the article below.

Seems like someone, noone knows who yet, has gone around various locations in Tokyo, Japan and left bundles of cash. Each amounting to roughly $82 in US money (or 10,000 yen). The really strange thing is the location of these bundles. They have mainly been found in public toilets, yes toilets. Talk about dirty money eh? Sorry, that was a ridiculous pun but I thought it was funny (at first).

The bundles were wrapped in traditional writing paper of the Japanese, washi paper. Inside this wrapping was a letter, handwritten, telling the person who found the bundle to use it to better their lives (or to be exact they say “Please use this for your ascetic training and devote yourself to good deeds, keeping a pure heart and not holding evil thoughts in your precious human heart”). It also recommended that people only take one bundle.

The police are unsure of the motive behind the acts (it’s obvious I think though, the guy/gal is trying to help people), and have gone to great lengths to try and find all the money. They say that if the money is not claimed in x amount of days it will go to local government agencies. I fear that’s where most of the money will go. But the proper intention was there by the marauder, and it’s the thought the counts here.

But the idea is phenomenal don’t you think. Talk about kindness! It may not seem like an enormous amount of money, but this is the type of thing the world needs. People who care. And I thought the story was worthy of mention here. So my hat’s off to this kind marauder, may he strike again for the betterment of mankind!

Story taken from:
Yahoo News
Political Gateway

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  1. What a great way to use Dana (The Practice of Generosity) I have heard this can be a huge staple of ones practice.

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