Noah Levine on Cape Cod

This past Saturday, May 26th ’07, I attended an event hosted at a local yoga studio, The Sanctuary of Cape Cod. I was actually quite lucky to even know about the event. I had no idea it was happening, I stumbled upon it a few weeks back.

Noah Levine, author of “Dharma Punx” and his new book “Against The Stream”, came to studio to teach a class and some guided meditation. Earlier in the day he had taught up at the Plymouth location of The Sanctuary. There were 30+ somewhat people at the Plymouth class, only about 10 at the Cape Cod one. But, the class still went on. I arrived 10 minutes early, thinking I was actually going to be late due to the amount of traffic on the roads of Cape Cod on Memorial Day weekend (which is insane if you’ve never been here around this time). The 10 people at the class were so different from each other, meaning from all walks of life, it was nice to share the same room with them. It showed right off the bat that Buddhism and the teachings of the Buddha effect us all in one way or another.

That aside, I was a few minutes early. Noah showed up with one of the owners of Sanctuary, Michelle, and so far I had been the only one to show up to that point. Noah introduced himself, not that I needed him to tell me it was him, I had read “Dharma Punx” already and was working my way through the new book “Against The Stream”(which I had only bought a few days beforehand). We had a few minutes of small talk and my addiction to smoking had me going outside before anyone else showed and the class began. Noah is a smoker too so he decided to come out as well. We talked for a few minutes and he opened his trunk and hooked me up big with a “Dharma Punx” T-shirt, thanks to Noah for that, I appreciate it, the shirt rules! Then we headed inside as people were migrating our way.

Once everyone filtered in we sat and Noah began that talk. He asked that we all introduce ourselves and what was it that drew us to meditation. We went around the room and everyone’s intro was so different, yet so very much the same. The core was, we were all suffering and trying to find a way to end it. Some people broke down in several emotions, tears and all. But we were all there for one thing, seeking guidance to end our suffering.

Overall the class was phenomenal, Noah’s approach has no frills or candy coating at all. I love that! I want to hear that stuff sucks and we are all suffering but I also want to hear ways to end it, and Noah tells us just that. He guided us through a 20 minute meditation and I felt extremely at ease afterward, more so than I have in a while. Meditation is something I seriously lack in my practice, but I think this was a great kick in the ass that I needed. After the meditation we talked a bit more, had some Q&A time and it was 7pm before we all knew it.

We all picked up and made our way out. Noah has been such an inpiration I had to have my copy of “Against The Stream” signed, it’s on the right side of the page here. I recommend you all noahbook2.jpgread what Noah has to say, go to a class, retreat or wherever he may teach near you. The words are still resonating in my head and I am so grateful to him for coming 3,000 miles to spread the Dharma. Thanks also to Michelle and The Sanctuary for hosting Noah and getting him out here. I am so very grateful words cannot express it.

For those of you who don’t know anything about Noah follow the link to his website and you can read up a bit on him.


  1. He’s a great guy I contacted him a few years back and have since developed a relationship with him. He helped break it down for me in not such a sense of hippieness but more of a lifestyle that I could embrace.

  2. EdaMommy: You should definitely read them. “Dharma Punx” is more of a memoir, tells where he came from and the obstacles he overcame. “Against The Stream” is more of a guide book based on the practices he advises, from the things he has learned. I recommend both though!

  3. I’ve been meaning to check out Noah Levine’s books. Guess I’m more inclined to sort out getting them now. Thanks for sharing – sounds like a really good day.

    To Bob Duffy – well-spoken!

  4. The path to enlightenment is riddled with pot holes, luckily our bodies are all terrain vehicals!

  5. If you liked that one, you should definitely get his new one, it’s more a guidebook than a memoir though. But it speaks in a away I have heard no teacher speak, straight to the point with no candy coating. He’s a great guy in person too, I wish he lived here in MA cause I would bug him to teach me! Thanks for the comment and reading this!

  6. Dharma Punx was the book that actually turned on the light bulb in my head to learn more about Buddhism. I saw the cover in a bookstore and was intrigued by it. One of the best books I’ve ever read.

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